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BDI Traffic School Course
FL State Assessment and Processing Fee
*Includes Mandatory Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles State Assessment Fee pursuant to Florida Statute 318.14(9)
Above Price Includes
  • Streaming Audio - You don't have to pay extra for audio on our course.
  • Streaming Video - You don't have to pay extra for streaming video on our course
  • 100% Animated - Our course is 100% animated with no reading required.
  • Take Until You Pass - Unlimited exam attempts: You cannot fail!
  • Unlimited Log-Ins/Outs - Log in and out as often as you like.
  • Immediate Certificate Download - Get a PDF version of your certificate immediatly
Choose Your Reason for Taking This Online Course
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Please note: it is very important that you choose the correct reason for taking this course in order to receive the correct certificate. Please call 713-568-0170 if you have any questions.

  • B1 - Ticket Dimsissal/Point Avoidance BDI Student Elected for Ticket Dismissal/Points Avoidance - You chose to take traffic school with the county clerk for ticket dismissal or to prevent points from going on your record, and the citation was not for one of the reasons below.

  • B2 - TCACBDI For TCAC - TCAC class is for drivers who are mandated to take a BDI course by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles because they have been involved in a traffic crash or because they had property damages of over $500 and/or injuries with an individual involved in the collision that had to be taken to the hospital.

  • B3 - Court Ordered BDI Court Ordered - The county clerk has ordered you to complete a 4 Hour BDI Course. You may also receive a letter from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle requesting that you complete the course and take the completion form back to the County Clerk.

  • B4 - Insurance Only BDI for Insurance - You wish to take the online traffic school to get a discount on your insurance. Check with your insurance company before taking the class to see if you are eligible.

  • If you received a letter from the State, and have been ordered to take traffic school due to one of the following reasons, please choose the appropriate reason:
    B5 - Red Light Running BDI for Red Light Running - Your citation was for running a red light.

  • B6 - Passing School Bus BDI for Passing School Bus - Your citation was for passing a school bus.

  • B7 - Highway Racing BDI for Highway Racing - Your citation was for racing on the highway.

  • B8 - Hwy Racing Spectator BDI for being a Hwy Racing Spectator - Your citation was for being a spectator of a highway race.

  • B9 - Reckless Driving BDI for Reckless Driving - Your citation was for reckless driving.
Certificate Delivery Options

Provided as a PDF for immediate printing and a copy will be e-mailed to you

Sent via First Class U.S. Mail.
(a copy of the certificate will still be provided for download and e-mail)

Standard PDF Download Notes

Provided as a PDF for immediate printing and a copy will be e-mailed to you

Mail Shipping Notes

There will be no United States Postal Service Mail for any holidays recognized as a "Holiday" by the USPS.
  • New Year's Eve
  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr's Birthday
  • Washington's Birthday (Presidents Day)
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (Fourth of July)
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Black Friday (Day After Thanksgiving)
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

Please note: standard delivery will be via the United States Postal Service (First Class Mail).


Usually received within 2-7 business days. If you do not receive within 7 days, please call customer service at 713-568-0170 and we will place another copy in the Mail with the US Postal Service.

Comedy Driving Traffic School, LLC. is not responsible for lost or late mail and any upgrade in delivery is the sole responsibility of the recipient.

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